Open a bank account in UK


Open a bank account may seem a simple process but sometimes, depending on where we are and what our situation may not be as simple and requires us to have a little patience.

To open an account in the UK need, or be a student who will be at least more than 6 months in the country or be employed or in paid internships.

  1. If you are a student: the best of all, ask your school that you write a letter to the bank as proof that you are enrolled in school, studying the language and you are staying for X time. Many schools, the first day of class in the presentation and often comment on this detail. It is logical and very common that people want to be a long time in the country, decide to have an account at a local bank to facilitate their transactions and operations with the money and not depend on whether your bank has a branch in the country, if they can withdraw money from ATMs all or only some, etc ... If you are a student, probably many banks do not charge you any fee for the maintenance your account as long as you remain in the country.
  2. If instead you are doing or working practices will have to take as evidence a letter from your place of practice, to confirm that you are working there or if you are a worker a list of your income. In this type of account, they have monthly maintenance fees that do not reach 10 pounds.

In both cases you also need to bring the following:

  • A postcard as proof that you live in the country in a particular direction
  • Your ID or passport

As for the bank to turn, it will depend on your preferences. Many people are opting to Santander Bank does not charge for maintenance fees. You can also decide on an international bank like HSBC, to keep the account even if you return home having complete confidence that you will have a branch nearby. To choose a bank, the best option is to go and ask what conditions are and what they offer as this will vary greatly from one bank to another.


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