Master of Business Administration


This program is designed to give practical oriented education. This is an innovative response to the demands of business, forming agents that can work under the pressure of expectations and demands of the international business world of today. When you complete your MBA in a year, you'll get the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive business world today.

Our one-year intensive program, consists of a formation of four weeks and four individual modules, which addresses the different stages in the growth of a business. The training is designed to cover basic business skills and knowledge that are vital to complete the program. In turn, the specific content of each module provides students with the three key competencies for success in the business world today: the fundamentals of business, global consciousness, presentations and executive powers. In MundiaLengua, we believe that not everything can be learned in the classroom, so the action learning an integral part of the curriculum, the integration of classroom learning in real life situations, and bring the theoretical concepts to life during the business simulation exercises.


  • Available at all campuses: Yes
  • Start: Early September
  • Duration: One year
  • Number of Credits: 56
  • Requirements: BA, 3 years of work experience, TOEFL and Graduate Management Admission 90 GMAT Test (Examination for admission to graduate in business management)
  • Optional Rotation: Yes, C and D
  • Tutorial 24: Yes
  • Executive / Leadership: Executive
  • Diplomas after the course: MFin or MDM (3 months, 9 credits) and Diploma (6 months, 15 credits) only available in London and San Francisco.
  • Additional Certificates (During race): Certified Professional Level:
    • Finance / Marketing Solutions.
    • Innovation.
    • Assessment of strategic actions.
    • Management consultants.
  • Each certificate is 9 credits and review.

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